Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I park by my tent?

You can! You can park right by your tent in zones A, D, or E. Zones B & C are very popular. Cars parked there would be taking the space of tents. Also, less cars = less chances of an alarm blazing through the night and less chances of someone inhibriated getting behind the wheel.

Why are there cars that do park by the tent?

It is the festival policy that cars used for official festival purposes are allowed on site.

Why should I bother registering if I still have to pay the deposit?

If you register, pay the deposit, unload your car, and take it to the parking lot within the allowed time, we will consider you as trustworthy and will not ask you to pay the deposit next year.

I have been registering in one or more of the past summers. Why do I have to re-register?

You do not! You will soon be receiving an invitation to re-set your account. If you do not receive it by Thursday before the festival, contact

How does this process work?

In order to have one hour to unload at your campsite at the ЭXO Festival, you will need to:

  1. Create an account
  2. Bring to the festival a printout or an electronic copy of the confirmation you will receive after completing this form
  3. After passing the campground entrance, where campground staff will check your tickets, pull up to the ЭXO ГОП checkpoint
  4. Present your copy of the confirmation email, your driver license, and a $100 deposit (CASH ONLY)
If the information in the registration form matches your car and your driver license, you will receive your Unload Permit. You, then, must you bring your vehicle from your camp site to the parking lot within one hour to have your deposit refunded to you.

What happens if I don't take my car to the parking lot within an hour?

You (1) will loose the deposit, (2) will be asked to move the car, or (3) your car will be towed, and (4) you will not be able to unload your vehicle at the campsite in the future festivals.